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Cooker rice sushi

We all know what a nice meal sushi makes, if it is cooked correctly. It is said that the secret to making the best sushi is in the rice. If you make the rice correctly, your sushi will be perfect. People make sushi a number of different ways but there is only one way the rice should be made. In order to make the rice the right way, you need a good rice cooker.

The best rice to use when making sushi is Japanese rice. This is because the rice is medium-grain and it gets sticky when it is cooked, making it ideal for sushi. Normal American rice will do the job but not properly because it is long-grained and drier than Japanese rice therefore it does not stick together well. Japanese rice is farmed all over Japan and is also available in some other countries.

When cooking rice there are a few things you first need to do. Wash the rice before you cook it, and wash it well. After it is washed you should soak it in cold water for thirty minutes, and then cook it. Once it is cooked let it steam before you open the lid.

Remember that when you buy a rice cooker for sushi you should keep in mind that the cooker’s capacity is normally described by the size of the cup you are going to use. Never put too much rice in a cooker. The rice cooker you buy should also be one that has a non-stick pan. A non-stick pan is always better to use and it is also much better to clean as the dirt will just wipe off and not have to be scrubbed which could result in the cooker getting damaged by scratches. If there are measuring lines in the cooker, it would help a great deal when you have to throw in a certain amount of rice. Having a cooker with a clear glass lid is not necessary, a plastic lid will be better as it light and safer to use. If the cooker you want has an inner lid you should make sure that it can be removed so it will be easy to clean. If you and your family eat a lot of rice then it is a good idea to have a cooker that has a setting to keep the rice warm. And the last thing you should consider when buying a rice cooker is that it is useful to have a timer, that way you will be able to make the rice to your satisfaction.


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