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Calories in sushi

We all love our favorite sushi dish, and we enjoy it so much that we can’t get enough of it and we eat more and more. The thing is that no matter how much we indulge, we don’t think of anything but the good taste of what we’re eating. It becomes our favorite meal and we start eating it more and more often. However, have you stopped for a second and wondered about the amount of calories there are in your favorite sushi foods?

Well, you should be glad to know that sushi is not particularly a fattening food. We all know that rice contains fair enough amounts of carbohydrates, sushi on the other hand can be enjoyed without rice, then calling it sashimi. The standard sushi item can be a very healthy treat without even touching the calorie bank. Keep in mind that although you will find out the amount of calories there are in sushi, two of the same items can be made by two different chefs (itamae), and because their ingredients will be different, so will the values for fat, protein, calories and carbohydrates.

Sushi restaurants who prefer adding more flavor to their sushi may also add mayonnaise to a few of their rolls which can definitely increase the calorie value of that food. Here it will be stated the approximate nutrition and calorie content in various sushi items. Bear in mind that the information does not come from dietitians and nutritionists but rather from various government sources and other sources like the USDA and from supermarkets and restaurants. These three sources will provide the information as accurately as possible.

Three sections will be taken into consideration. The most common sushi rolls, other items found in Japanese restaurants and then sashimi. In the standard nigiri sushi item, add about 30 calories, 6.3g of carbohydrates, minimal fat and about 0.5g of protein. In an avocado sushi roll expect 140 calories, 5.7g fat, 28g carb and 2.1g of protein. In a California Roll expect 255 calories, 7g fat, 38g carb and 9.0g of protein. In a Shrimp Tempura Roll expect 508 calories, 21g fat, 64g carb and 20g of protein.

In a Amaebi (Sweet Shrimp) Sashimi meal expect 30 calories per oz, 0.5g fat per oz, 0.2g carb per oz and 5.8g protein per oz. In a Anago (Conger eel) expect 67 calories per oz, 4.2g fat per oz, 0.0g carb per oz and 6.7g protein per oz. the Iwashi (Sardine) expect) 59 calories per oz, 3.3g fat per oz, 0.0g carb per oz and 7.0g protein per oz.

In other Japanese meals like Edamame with a serving size of 1/2 cup expect 100 calories, 3.0g fat per serving, 9.0g carb per serving and 8.0g protein per serving. Rice expect in a 1/2 cup 121 calories, 0.2g fat per serving, 27g carb per serving and 2.2g protein per serving.

This is an analysis of only a small selection of the well-chosen meals in a sushi restaurant. Selected were those with the highest calories and fat contents.


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