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Carbon footprint

What is a carbon footprint?  It is the measure of Carbon Dioxide emitted to our atmosphere by human activities.  Some products or services release a certain amount of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.  The effect of these activities on our environment and the amount of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere are measured in carbon dioxide units.  The CO2 measured is what you call a carbon footprint.  This so called carbon footprint can be classified into two parts, the primary and the secondary footprint.

The primary or direct footprint is the direct emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels.  When these fossil fuels are burned they give of carbon dioxide to our atmosphere.  Energy consumption from transportations, like any motorized vehicles, gives of primary carbon footprints.

The secondary or indirect footprint is the measure of the indirect emissions of carbon dioxide from products and services we use. In the entire life cycle of a product, from the manufacturing stage to consumption, it gives off carbon dioxide to our environment.  These CO2 emissions are what you call secondary or indirect carbon footprints.

In order to prevent massive effects of global warming, we have to reduce the amount of carbon footprints in our environment.  There are effective ways to reduce the rise of carbon footprints.  You can start by reducing your primary or direct carbon footprint.  An effective way of lessening the carbon footprint you leave behind is by not taking air transportation by traveling.  This preventive step is really useful during holiday seasons where more people are traveling and usually by air.  The increase amount of air travel during these seasons causes a huge amount of carbon footprint on our atmosphere.

Another effective way is by using renewable energy and using solar energy for your water heating system.  This method is not only helpful to the environment; it can also greatly reduce the amount of your gas bill in just a year.

There are also ways to lessen the amount of secondary or indirect footprints in our atmosphere.  To reduce your secondary footprint, buy locally made products instead of imported ones.  The farther the product has been manufacture, the more secondary carbon footprint it emits because of the long transport.  Another way is to eat less red meat and grow your own fruits and vegetables.  This option is not only healthy; you can also save money instead of buying manufactured goods.  Follows these guidelines and help save our environment.


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