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Average carbon footprint

Carbon footprints signify our individual responsibility and accountability to how much energy we have consumed in the course of everyday lives. It signifies to us that in one or the other, we have somehow, through our uncouth daily activity, made the earth warmer than it was formerly and made some areas of it more inhabitable. Carbon footprint is also a worthwhile term because it evokes in us a sense that because we have personally wronged nature, we, too, are the only ones who could solve it. As an old adage goes, as you were part of the problem, be part of the solution as well.

Assessing your carbon footprint or how much carbon emission you generate in one day is the first step towards an understanding of your individual energy consumption. There are devices called carbon footprint calculators that determine how much of that carbon do your produce. It is in knowing this that you learn where and how to control your energy usage, making you consumption habits more friendly to the environment. After your assessment, making the necessary adjustments on your energy consumption level should follow if you are really that serious of making a positive impact on the environment. This in no way erases your carbon footprints and ultimately, your guilt. But this signals how serious you are in helping the environment.

In the said carbon footprint calculator, you will know if you have left only at an average level of carbon footprint. It is found that temperature on land is estimated at an increase of about 0.07 degrees Celsius. In contrast, oceans and other bodies of water are found to have an average temperature of 0.04 degrees Celsius every ten years. However, this is thought to be the carbon footprint calculator’s overestimation. Yet calculator or no calculator, results are still quite obvious that carbon dioxide emissions badly affect the environment. Since we’re part of that environment that it badly affects, there is no turning back for us who know just how much damage does our unwarranted energy consumption brings.

Still, while environmentalists and scientists problematize carbon emissions exact effect on the atmosphere, it would perhaps help more if we reduce our energy usage. When lights are no longer used, it would be better to switch them off. The same thing is true with chargers, since these things are usually left behind after one’s use. Certainly, we ought not to forget the air conditioning units’ usage. They bring much more harm to the environment than we possibly think we can solve. Of course, prefer the organic over the inorganic, the natural over the artificial, and if recycling is within your reach, it would be a good idea to do so. Much, much more could be done to solve this energy crisis and climate change issue. It’s only a matter of knowing one’s carbon footprint.

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