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Global warming articles

The earth has certainly been hot these days.  It was really observed as such since there was fire and dust which made the skies of Indonesia turn orange because of drought. It was really so as different hurricanes and tsunami hit the different part of USA and even on the other part of Asia.  Also, there are real observations on the size of the ice in the Arctic and Antarctic has been recorded and this has supported the real effect of earth’s warming. Natural disasters have truly been a part of the problems in most countries. Nowadays, this has become more common and evident in international news as before. This is truly the result of global warming.

The subject has been around even before the 20th century. But it has become more clear that the earth truly has been sick since then and scientists have been trying to get the attention of the government and individuals since then. With the result on heat waves, floods, forest fires, and melting glaciers,  the climate becomes unhealthy as well.

Before, environmentalists and the government has been bombarding what facts and myths are about this phenomena but now these has remained to be real in everyone’s eyes. The debate about global warming has indeed stopped. All agreed that human factors have contributed to the abnormal climate changes. All sectors of the community have been encouraged to be involved to stop and resolve the obvious effect of the warming. Articles are being cited, researches supported and awareness are highly increased on the subject.

Everybody is now aware of the situation. The release of CO2 in the atmosphere will frighten a responsible citizen as the  “last part per million of greenhouse gas behaves like the 212th degree Fahrenheit that turns a pot of hot water into a plume of billowing steam”. A melt in the Greenland ice will give an impression we are not only soaking in the melted water but actually unload a much bigger glacier. The latest assessment shows indeed that several ice sheets have doubled rate of slide. The sea level, thus, will continue to rise. This rise concerns on health and animal extinction. If these possibilities will happen, what will become of us? Further misbalance of nature is expected.

It is indeed up to us now to control more natural disaster. Now that we know that nature give back only what we give to it.

September 28, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Global warming

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