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Consequences of global warming

One of the natural phenomena on earth would be cause and effect. No one is exempted from the law of gravity. Every action requires a consequence. As studies claim the serious effects of temperature changes and unpredictable rise and fall of climate, serious consequences should be anticipated.

An active increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere may consequently lead to even warmer temperatures, longer drought and chronic forest fires or wildfires, more intense rainstorms, increase of vector-borne diseases, deadly heat waves, more powerful hurricanes and intensifying super typhoons, cold temperature in tropical areas, warming up of icy surfaces, rising of sea levels, extinction of some species and animals due to hunger and unable to adjust to climate changes, melting of ice glaciers and early ice thawing.

As temperature rise it is expectedly to have warmer temperatures and increasing number of deadly heat wave. It was only recently that noted deaths on heat stroke were reported. Individuals as young as 30 years old have been struck by this unfortunate fate. Indeed, more frequent and more intensive heat waves resulted in more heat-related deaths. According to the World Health Organization, the more than 100,000 deaths in the past years have been related to temperature warming. These conditions could also worsen the problems in the local air quality. Skin asthma and allergies has developed as well.

Droughts are brought by warmer temperatures. Evaporation particularly during summer and fall causes longer and intense drought in one place and may simultaneously cause a massive El Ni¤o phenomenon in another place challenging crop production which may lead to massive loss in monetary aspect. This may also similarly affect the developing strength of hurricanes and super typhoons. Places that weren’t hit by typhoons in the past surprisingly experience the strongest of typhoons in history.

This also affects the early melting of snow glaciers and ice thawing. Animal species along these areas are in danger of extinction. Unable to feed themselves, weakening and decreasing the potential to give birth to healthy offspring and a climate adjustments to their physical make-up may decrease their numbers in due time.

Serious consequences on these global phenomena need serious consideration. Though it may be impossible to reverse what already exist, but responsible awareness and vigilance on future events may be the wisest thing to do. The first step in fighting the battle is understanding and education. Awareness in the consequences may lighten the burden in dealing with the issues.


September 28, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Global warming

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