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Arguments against global warming

The globe is such a big big world to live in. Even a small nuclear family allows petty arguments to get into their skins. Debates regarding global issues which concerns even for the good of the planet still receives counter arguments. This has become an endless word battle between opposing wits.

This did not only stir up questionings inside the scientific society but has gone beyond even the financial world itself. Non-scientists, themselves, have witnessed differing scientific perspectives and gave their own personal comments as well. It will be best to personally weigh opinions and do what you believe in with endless passion. But that passion should, of course, come from rational thinking and not merely emotional excitement.

Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth,” a documentary film on global warming issues has seemed to successfully presented itself to be as if the very facts of the topic that people should truly believe in. Well, it should have been unwise for Mr. Gore to create a presentation like that which he does not truly believe in. Personally, it was more of a simple but deep presentation of modern facts that I came to think of it is it likely to really happen, or was it merely intended to produce a film so people could watch and be entertained?

Write-ups came out that the documentary film affected a great deal of arguments from all sides. Its resource, trustworthiness and consistencies were eventually challenged. But doesn’t it seem like people want their own opinion to be heard in public? Just to declare that you had something to say upon the matter. Judging and challenging to  scientific evidences that has been subject to scrutiny from scholars and the authorities may be an absurd idea. Or even arguing against already existing argumentations just makes matters more complicated and opening issues that are no longer directly related diverting the path of the real area of discussion.

It is best hoped that this global issues which all should practically be concerned makes it a real challenge to stay in focus and not to go out of the line. Arguments against the credibility of banks’ relation to the problem, questionable computer methods on presenting true and correct information, and the newspapers’ report that “not all scientific evidences are true” should be seriously considered by the great population of the laymen, themselves to weigh according to their own understanding and personal awareness. They may have the ability to contribute to arguments against a now “distorted” view of Global and environmental problems, but heir concern for their own future becomes what really matters for now.


September 28, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Global warming

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  1. I’m skeptical of Global Warming because it seems so ideologically driven. People are making a lot of money and political capital off of it. It becomes difficult in such an environment to truly gauge the legitimacy of research. While I certainly do believe that the issue beckons continued research, I also believe there is an air of superiority and arrogance surrounding those who so readily dismiss any counterarguments to the theory. Why is there not more of an effort within the scientific community to challenge global warming claims? Scientists should welcome and endorse that claims as grand on scale as this be challenged to ensure the legitimacy of any finding. If there were a true and genuine movement behind such a challenge, then perhaps those “undecided’s” such as myself would be more inclined to adopt the Global Warming belief. However, to me, it seems like the other side has not received a fair hearing and thus, for me, the jury is still out if not hung.

    Comment by Richard | November 17, 2008 | Reply

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