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Anti-global Warming

With the problem of global warming worsening more people have shown their concern. Combating global warming, fortunately, has now become a priority.  Means are being formulated to prevent this problem from developing. Now that people are more aware of the problem and believing that it is really happening. Individuals with a common goal form a group so it will be easier for them to act and inform other people of the problem with global warming. Even collaborations are made among organizations so more work can be done in a shorter period of time.

A lot has been done and more are being done as a contribution to the further prevention of global warning. One in particular is what California is doing. It has led the United States through its renewable energy policies in diminishing greenhouse gas emissions. They also have a law minimizing tailpipe emissions from vehicles. The move was commended by environmentalists as a step toward fighting global climate change. Another state is also doing its part. In Fairfax County, Virginia, Two new fire stations were partly built with recycled materials and made use of clean energy sources. Here, 90 hybrid vehicles are operational and five percent of its electricity coming from wind power are acquired by the county government. Thousands and thousands of acres of land were also purchased for conservation. They are also planning to replace, with less polluting vehicles, their fleet of 3,600 police, fire and other vehicles. The use of the county’s wind power will be doubled to 10 percent in five years. Hundreds of buildings including schools will be replaced or will be made into a more environmentally friendly place.

Global warming isn’t just the fault of big corporations. We as individuals have also contributed to the environments plight. Ecologically harmful products are being produced by these companies to meet our demands and needs. One way of helping is with knowledge. We have to know what those things are that may be harmful to the environment so we will stop using them. There are certain chemicals that we can a void like chlorine and phosphate. These are found in many laundry detergents and contributes to water pollution. Always keep air conditioners and refrigerators well maintained as they can leak toxic and very harmful materials. The use of recycled paper and products made from ecologically managed forest is very helpful. Recycling your trash, separating the cans, glass and papers can also be very important. The simple planting of trees in your property is not only to enhance the appearance of your place but trees help control carbon dioxides in the air, and dispose toxins in your soil.


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