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Airsoft gun care

It is important that you look after your gun; it needs to be thoroughly cleaned every time you use it. Airsoft gun care is very important if you want your gun to last for some time and not pack-up after a few months. Especially if you have been using it in sandy environments, your gun is likely to be more dirty than usual, so extra thorough cleaning is essential. If you use an AEG airsoft, the correct thing to do would be to fire about three shots into just the semi automatic mode in order to decompress the spring of the gun’s gearbox after a bit of firing. However, with some airsoft guns, there is simply a button that you push and the decompression of the spring will be done.

You should also empty the magazine if you want to protect the power of the spring. What you also need to pay attention to when interested in airsoft gun care is spraying a non-corrosive spray onto the barrel and also occasionally spraying the hop-up chamber, but not as often as you would spray the barrel. This is the procedure that is normally followed with airsoft guns, it is said to keep the gun in working order for a lot longer than it would last without any airsoft gun care. Caring for a gun is always an important task, but even when just handling the gun, you have to be careful too. Although it is a gun, it is actually a very delicate weapon.

The magazine of a gas gun is to be left pressurized. This is so that all of the seals stay in one piece. However, if the gas that is used contains any silicon lubricant then there is normally no need for any further lubrication. If it doesn’t have any traces of silicon lubricant, what you should do then is just add a drop or two of it to the internals of the gun. There is just one more very important rule to remember when talking about airsoft gun care, but also vital, is safety. When you are releasing the gas from the gun, never do so using the release valve (This is the valve that can be found on the magazine), because the gas that is being expelling may freeze the o-ring of the gun and this can very likely lead to gas leakage.

Airsoft gun care is essential, but one will be surprised at how many gun-owners take no pride in their airsoft. Make sure your gun is clean before using it each time.

September 28, 2008 - Posted by | Airsoft Gun, Blogroll

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