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Airsoft bb and paintball gun

Okay, so these two sports or hobbies are possibly the most fun there is in an activity, especially for those of you who find guns fascinating but would never carry a real one. There have been many debates about airsoft bb and paintball gun and which is better. Those who prefer paintball tend to disrespect those who prefer airsoft guns and vice versa, but the big question is why? Well that would be because they seem to think that one is more fun than the other or one is more difficult to master, but in fact they both have their pros and cons. A few of them are;

The main advantage of paintballs is that they can use 6mm in any gun, you are able to see and feel when and where you were hit, they are also the most ecological. The cons of paintball would be that the balls may burst in the gun and cause permanent damage. This is not guaranteed but it has happened before. They are also very expensive compared to normal bb bullets that an airsoft gun uses. You will possibly have a bruise where you were hit if you were not wearing any protective gear, this is why it is essential to wear as much gear as possible when paintball shooting.

The pros of the airsoft gun are that they are much cheaper, the ammo and the guns. The ammo is also reusable so you wouldn’t have to buy more for a very long time. The gun design freedom is much grater. They are also available for purchase at most sporting shops, along with the ammo, they look realistic – like real guns, and last but not least, you can shoot anywhere! You don’t have to go to a range to have fun; the back yard does the trick perfectly!

The cons would be that if you were playing with others, it would be easy for them to cheat because you are unable to tell if they were hit or not. They can just lie and say no so that they can stay in the game. The ammo is biodegradable and there is not a wide variety of bb bullets. They are mainly available in just .2 and .25 gram pieces, where as most guns are said to work the best with .12 gram bullets.

So the battle between airsoft bb and paintball gun will forever be a battle. Those who prefer one to the other will stick to it.

September 28, 2008 - Posted by | Airsoft Gun, Blogroll

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