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Lawn Chair Millionaire’s figures dont add up.

Lawn Chair Millionaire yet another dodgy looking scheme.
It’s described as a “money share plan”. This
means it’s a way of you sharing your money with
someone higher up.

Really, even the official spiel from the people
behind the Lawn Chair Millionaire Money Share
Plan says:

“The moment you LOCK IN your position in the
Moneyline you LOCK IN your Moneyline Pool
shares! Your first share is paid to you at midnight
the day you join.

Every time you sponsor a new member you earn a
$20.00 Fast Start Bonus that gets allocated
immediately when the sale is made.

You earn a $15.00 Referral Bonus each and every
month that your personally-referred members stay
active by maintaining their subscription to The

Additional daily, weekly and monthly Leader
Bonuses are announced by Lawn Chair Millionaire
periodically. These bonuses are to compensate
those who help their personal members duplicate
their efforts.”

This isn’t strictly a business. Not
something where you create a product or service.
No selling something of value.

It’s just a way of shuffling money about.

That’s money shuffled from YOU, the poor person
at the bottom…. up to the top, where a FAT CAT
is raking in your cash and laughing all the way to the bank.

For all those caught up in this
particular pyramid –

Get out now and cut your losses as you will not make any money from this.
I expect to have some comments from those who are making tons of money, yeah right.

Can you make money?

I seriously doubt it

According to someone who has used this, the
maths don’t quite add up. Check this out:

” The truth about this program is that the
moneyline pool only pays on the members that
join that day.  Next this commission is paid out
over the next 3 months.  I joined and received $75
in moneyline commissions, but this is split over 3

So, I spend close to $80 to join and received $20
back in commission. Is this a wise passive income

Staying in the program will cost $80 to join plus
$25 a month after that.  So if I stay in my 3
months, it will cost me $130, and I will make $75.
I’m at a loss from a passive perspective.

The next hitch I discovered is that in order to
receive my commission I needed the company’s
debit card.  If I sponsored no one (passive
remember!) then the debit card costs $39.99.

Remember, I’ve already invested $80.  Add
$39.99 to that to receive $20 in commissions?”

Another critic complains that the actual income
earned passively is “exceeded by the join fee and
the debit card fee by a ratio of 2 to 1.”

PS. More chance of winning on the lottery than this pyramid scheme.


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