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Globe tabloid magazine

The Globe Tabloid Magazine is published supermarket tabloid in the northern part of America. It was officially founded in the year 1954 in Montreal, Canada by John Vader and Joe Azaria. The previous published name of the magazine was “Midnight”. During the era of 1960s, the Globe Tabloid Magazine had become the tough competitor of the “National Enquirer. In the year 1978, the name of “Midnight” was then changed to “Midnight Globe” in reference to its publisher, the Globe Communications whereas eventually the name was officially changed to “Globe” only. Currently, the Globe Tabloid Magazine is now owned by the American Media Incorporated and being published out of the headquarters of American Media in Boca Raton, Florida.

In the year 1995, the Globe Tabloid Magazine got involved in a controversy where the tabloid had published the autopsy photos of Tejano’s Superstar Selena. Because of this, the magazine retailers of South Texas have quickly snatch copies of the Globe Tabloid Magazines from the magazine store shelves knowing that the photos were printed. The autopsy photos of the late 23- year old Selena Quintanilla-Perez comprise of six colored pictures that were published in the November 14 issue of the Globe Tabloid Magazine. The front headline of the magazine was “Shot in the Back!” and “Exclusive!” which really made every tabloid reader to gain more interested about the contents. The autopsy photos of the late Selena had revealed on how the innocent beauty was gunned down and lying cowardly. It was on March 31 when Selena was actually shot by her former fan’s club president Yolanda Saldivar at the Christi Motel.

In the year 1997, another controversy sizzled up the Globe Tabloid Magazine. Another similar controversy of Selena where the Globe Tabloid Magazine had published the autopsy pictures of JonBenet Ramsey. Also, in the content of the magazine, JonBenet Ramsey was shown to have been beaten and strangled on December 1996 at their family basement. With this revelation, the Globe Tabloid Magazines were taken off in most stands and stores in Boulder, Colorado. Also, the family of Ramsey was very outraged about the controversy that they even comment that they would never lay a single eye on the Globe Tabloid Magazine.

In the year 2003, another considerable controversy had involved Globe Tabloid Magazine again whereas the magazine had published the name of the accuser of Kobe Bryant as well as putting the picture on the magazine cover. In America, media are not allowed to reveal the actual names as well as the photos of the alleged victims of sex crimes. From this restricted rule, Globe Tabloid Magazine was put into another controversial issue.

Currently, the Globe Tabloid Magazine is now more focused on political-oriented and news content, though it still share celebrity contents with its sister newspaper companies.


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