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American tabloid

Have you heard about the famous novel of “American Tabloid” that was written by James Ellroy and published in 1995? Well, the novel of American Tabloid had been awarded by Time Magazine as the Best Fictional Book of the year 1995 because of its three-part series entitling “Underworld USA”.

The plot of the novel of American Tabloid is initiated on the exact date of November 22, 1958 and describing the scenario of America’s history for five years. After the main plot, the succeeding plot shows on how the three rogue American law enforcement officers had deeply involved in the JFK Assassination. There are also some historical casts in the novel that were featured such as Jimmy Hoffa, Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford, Guy Banister, Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., Jack Ruby, Carlos Marcello and Sam Giancana. The novel of American Tabloid was then followed by a sequel entitling “The Cold Six Thousand”. James Ellroy is currently writing for the third and final sequels of the novel entitled “Blood’s a Rover”, which will tentatively be released in 2008.

The trilogy of the novel of American Tabloid blends the stories of American fiction and history concerning the legal and political corruption of the establishments in America between the years of 1958 to 1973. It also covers the exact five years of American history before the actual assassination of JFK.

The structure of the novel of American Tabloid is very deliberate and stylish. The novel has exactly one hundred chapters only whereas most of the pages contain short length of texts. Also, the story content of the novel covers the exact five years of American history. With the fiver years of American history covered in the novel, the book was divided by the writer into five different sections whereas every section does not correspond to the exact year. Furthermore, the novel does not have an epilogue or introduction. All the chapters in the novel of American Tabloid begin with the number of chapter, location of the beginning of actions (normally the city name), and the date of the beginning of actions that is normally expressed in the American style of MM/DD/YYYY. With the dates indicated in the book, the actions of the stories are completely sequential. There are also flashbacks that occur only among the protagonists’ present tense memory.

The five sections of the novel of American Tabloid comprise of Part I (Shakedowns, November-December 1958), Part II (Collusion, January 1959-January 1961), Part III (PIGS, February-November 1961), Part IV (Heroin, December 1961-September 1963) and Part V (Contract, September-November 1963).


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  1. American Tabloid is in my top five books of all time, not in any order. Ellroy writes like an automatic howitzer.

    Comment by Daniel | June 30, 2008 | Reply

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