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Bank phishing mail

Not sure about you but I am sick of the amount of bank phishing Email that keeps dropping into my inbox. It is a daily event which needs to be sorted out and my finger points mainly to ISPs. When I contacted my ISP the response to say the least was dismal when they got round to responding after nearly 3 weeks ( Tiscali take note). The classic answer was, have you set the spam filters up, well what do you say to that genius who took all of 1 nano second to reach that momentous conclusion. With the technology available do they not have the capability of tracking Spam/Phishing mail bounce back and block/delete these accounts and black list the IP addresss.

Where the banks lie on this matter is open to debate as well as i have sent some of these mails to their phishing mail departments and have had a total of nil response. What is the point of having them as they are either not even staffed or do not care as it does not make them any money or loss to their balance sheets.



Lloyds TSB




To name a few who have not replied.

The only company who always respond is PayPal.

As far as I can see it is a lack of willingness on the part of ISPs to start making inroads into this plague that is assailing us on a daily basis. Maybe time governments started legislating against this pest.

I welcome comments on this subject.




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