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Is my e-ticket legitimate

The entire world seems to have an affinity towards development. The air transportation has sided with e-tickets or electronic tickets. The primary reason for this siding is the fact that they reduce costs. Any move that reduces costs is welcomed by the airlines as they have lots of expenditures and aim at reducing the expenditures incurred. Despite the shift towards e-tickets, there have not been many changes in the facilities and the amenities offered by the different airlines to their passengers. The IATA (International Air Transport Association) had laid down the announcement that from the 1st of January 2008, all the passengers should turn towards e-tickets and avoid paper tickets at all costs.

All the sudden ruckus about e-tickets makes the travelers wonder on the question ‘Is my e-ticket legitimate?’ though this query is been answered by the entire world of air travel. There are no doubts on e-tickets. They are preferred all over the world due to the fact that an e-ticket carrying passenger need not carry a ticket. He can also check-in through the telephone or also any computer kiosk situated anywhere within the airport. There are also other benefits such as possibility of reprinting tickets, faster checking-in and many other benefits that apparition of suspicion to recede from e-tickets and also from the FAQ “Is my e-ticket legitimate?”

E-ticket booking is very convenient as you can come to the site, select the necessary date and pay with any of the recognized credit cards and finally you can print this on the printer. You need not go anywhere nor have you to depend on any ticket offices routine. E-ticket has eliminated the problem of ticket loss as the passenger can show his identification document and avail a boarding pass. E-tickets can be printed anywhere and this has erased the question is my e-ticket legitimate. This copy of the confirmation of booking known as e-ticket can be attached for your lodging purpose and picking up facility at your destination point.

The e-ticket with legitimate photo identification or a passport is enough to get you a boarding pass. Carrying a printed copy of e-ticket is essential as if the airline system happens to face some electronic problem, then your e-ticket serves the best evidence in procuring the boarding pass and you can pursue your journey without any trouble. The question is my e-ticket legitimate gets clarified here when it is accepted as an authentic proof of booking.


April 14, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, E-tickets

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