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Finnair electronic tickets

Every nation in the world has its own official airlines. The official airway of Finland is Finnair. The upgrading of air tickets from paper tickets to electronic tickets has been accepted all over the world. This change has been acknowledged by Finnair as well. It offers Finnair electronic tickets as it wants to establish itself as a reputed airline in the world and also to provide increased facilities to its passengers. The Finnair electronic tickets were introduced in the spring of 2000. Presently, more than 40% of the domestic passengers utilize Finnair electronic tickets. The switch to Finnair electronic tickets prioritizes the passengers as electronic tickets offer check-in through computer and phone and also prevents loss of ticket as the ticket can be printed once again.

The Finnair electronic tickets will be present in the computer of the airline and the passenger will receive a travel plan either by mail, fax or by e-mail. The facility of obtaining a traditional paper ticket is also available to the passengers but it will cost them an additional amount of 10 euros and a value added tax of 0.80 euros. The passengers will be recognized by personal identification, a credit card or a Finnair Plus card. In other words, the Finnair electronic tickets are a boon to the passengers. However, Finnair launched a trial of Finnair electronic ticketing.

This trial was held combining various customer bases of Finnair and proposed that initially 300 Finnair electronic tickets will be issued to customers. This trial was acknowledged internally under the name ‘Project ticket-free flight’ and had focused on domestic routes before expanding to Estonian and Scandinavian routes. Eventually, the Finnair electronic ticket service offered the entire network of routes and covered Finnair’s coalition partner flights. The electronic tickets are however very easy to obtain and can be booked from the office or home online. While checking in the traveler has to give an evidence of his recognized photo as identification or a Finnair card. This trial as expected lead to the ultimate sale of airline tickets through electronic mail and also through various other means. This evaded their cost of delays and actual expenses involved in printing a paper ticket.

A novel milestone was anticipated in Finnair’s e-ticket development as it is initiating e-ticket interline with its world coalition partner American Airlines. Interline association enabled the airlines to give out tickets for both the airlines. Initially the ticket offices sold the tickets and later on the travel agencies issued the e-tickets.


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