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Electronic ticket

Traveling is a pleasure, a thrill and an exciting experience when your tickets are booked well in advance. With the advancement of technology, people prefer booking from their home, office, travel agents or during business hours. Recently, this is a choice of many as one need not run to booking offices. Electronic ticket is also referred as e-ticket. This bestows you to a convenient, secured and paper-free traveling. You can confidently opt for an e-ticket booking next time even with your travel agent. This is considered to be highly efficient as it permits you to make alterations as well as cancellations. Electronic ticket is paper-free, which indicates that your ticket is safe and secure in the computer system. The electronic ticket waits for you to arrive at the airport.

Electronic ticket is an airline ticket in the mode of an entry in the computer. An electronic ticket or as it is called e-ticket is believed to function identical to a paper ticket by preserving a place on a flight; and all that is expected from you is an identification number and an ID proof to be shown at the airport. But carrying the written receipt forwarded by the airline is useful in case the computer system of the airline gets crashed or the airlines happen to lose your reservation entry. Electronic ticket stores all reservations as well as flight data electronically in the system. Electronic ticket is just another version of the traditional paper ticket, but in an electronic version. Electronic ticket is safer, faster and practical. This is absolutely safe as the ticket as well as the reservation details is stored in the system. Electronic ticket facilitates alteration of reservation, change of route and refund through the database of the stored ticket.

Electronic ticket has three essential reasons to be preferred such as it is safe as it cannot be stolen, lost or forgotten. Secondly, electronic tickets are simple as airlines need not have a printing machine for tickets. Thirdly, a passenger is saved of the trouble of carrying a ticket and subsequently when you opt for rerouting, rebooking or refund, you are not requested to present your ticket. Besides these reasons, it is fast because electronic ticket facilitates you to travel effortlessly without other hassles from the reservations until boarding. However, booking an electronic ticket varies from booking a paper ticket. Reservations for electronic ticket can be made through call centers or through website. As every detail is stored in the systems, all data regarding the ticket can be provided at any moment.

The electronic ticket is an itinerary receipt confirming the reservation. You can directly check-in at the airport, if you possess an electronic ticket booking. The only requirement is an Identification card with photo. Your identification card can be anything, passport, driving license or marriage certificate.


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