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What is the most common food allergies in adults

The most common food allergies in adults are going to be nuts. There are two kinds of allergies relating to nuts. You will find when asking the question, what is the most common food allergies in adults that peanuts are the upper most on the list. Other allergies that are very common in adults include other nuts or tree nuts, fish, and shellfish. Wheat is another prominent allergy in most adults. You will find that when specifically referring to peanuts there are about 1% of the population who are affected by a peanut allergy and about a .5% allergy to tree nuts.

The most common food allergies in adults are going to offer a variety of degrees in severity as well as the symptoms the adult can suffer. You will find that any person who is allergic to a food can have the severest of reactions, meaning death. Although there are certainly preventative measures, death can be the result if a person doesn’t seek medical attention at the first sign of the issue. For those who have lived with an allergy, even the most common food allergies such as peanuts, they will have an Epi- Pen. The Epi- Pen is filled with epinephrine, which is a common drug used to treat almost any allergy. When the pen is injected into the skin the medication is released immediately into the bloodstream and the individual usually recovers without medical attention. In some cases it will provide enough time to get the person to the emergency room in order to avoid the threat of death.

Basically when discussing what is the most common food allergies in adults, you are going to find that with peanuts the person can have a small reaction like hives, or they can have swelling in the throat, mouth, and stomach pain. Each person is going to be different regarding their reaction to peanuts or other food allergies. Some individuals don’t even realize that they have food allergies until they reach late adulthood when the symptoms become more pronounced. In other cases the adult could have the allergy their entire life, in a severe enough case that they have a special diet, and must avoid most restaurants. You will find that restaurants have taken to warning individuals about peanut products in their menu items to help avoid any issues. The reason of course is that this is the most common food allergy.


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