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Pregnancy nutrition

Nutrition of an individual is always important issue if he wants to maintain his health. In case of pregnant women the issue becomes twice more important, as health of two persons is involved in pregnancy nutrition. In pregnancy nutrition, as in all, a diet of fresh vegetables, whole grains is always recommended. The recommendation of fruits is of course there in the pregnancy nutrition. But these are general types of nutrition requirements. What are special recommendations in the pregnancy nutrition?
The first requirement is folic acid or foliates. These micronutrients help neural activity. Lack of these can produce brain damages in the baby. And there may be premature birth and other associated problems during pregnancy. Leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits, peas contain this micronutrient Also fortified cereals can provide this. The pregnancy nutrition involves this most important micronutrient. It is good to take vitamin tablets regularly from three months before you get pregnant. The pregnancy nutrition has to start before you get pregnant
For healthy teeth and bones you require calcium. Dairy products are rich in calcium, a fact that everybody knows. The pregnancy nutrition recommends 1000 milligrams of calcium intake per day during pregnancy.
Protein is important macronutrient your body needs. The babies’ growth in second and third trimester is governed by your protein intake. The pregnancy nutrition recommends taking 71 grams of protein daily. Well known sources of protein are of course, eggs fish meat etc. Dried beans and peas are also good protein sources. So also are the dairy products.
Iron is next important nutrient required in pregnancy nutrition. Our blood contains hemoglobin Iron is required to form hemoglobin. In pregnancy, blood requirement doubles and so also does iron requirement. The pregnancy nutrition recommends 27 milligrams iron per day.
There are special supplements available in the markets. It is better to start taking them three months before the pregnancy. This recommendation is there in pregnancy nutrition to fill in any gaps that may occur afterwards.
The pregnancy nutrition also deals with some “don’ts”
Take a potentially conflicting situation. Everybody knows that fish contain important omega -3 fatty acids. They are known to provide brain development help in babies.
Sea food is always recommended in pregnancy nutrition. But we also know that fish contain mercury, an extremely hazardous substance. So pregnancy nutrition does recommend not eating any fish containing mercury. What is the solution?
Obviously seafood, because it contains absolutely no mercury.
Shrimp, canned tuna fish, are very low mercury containing fish. You can use them safely as your pregnancy nutrition.
Similarly consider dairy products. They are recommended during pregnancy due to variety of reasons. But what if they are made from unpasteurized milk, then? You will invite lot of trouble. The pregnancy nutrition will recommend only pasteurized dairy products.

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