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Nutrition pyramid

Nutrition pyramid is in important too for the use, for the health conscious persons. We know that our health depends upon the food that we eat. It also depends upon the activities that we undertake every day. Nutrition pyramid puts both our physical activities and food requirements in to proper perspective
Like any other pyramid, nutrition pyramid also has a very wide base and narrowing upside culminating finally in the tip of the pyramid. The base will obviously denote the foods that we can consume more. The top will signify the foods that we can consume very less. The nutrition pyramid published by US govt shows following anatomy.
The left hand side of the nutrition pyramid shows a person walking up the steps. First of all, the dynamic figure shows importance of the regular exercise. Daily physical activity is most important. If you want to remain healthy, then consuming food is also essential. If you consume the food, then converting it into essential chemicals required by the body is important. For this proper digestion should take place. For proper digestion, daily, regular physical activity is a MUST.
The inside body of the nutrition pyramid shows different food groups. Each food group is broad at the bottom. As it approaches the top, it goes on narrowing. What does this part of nutrition signify? It signifies moderation. The foods which contain sugars are at the top part of the nutrition pyramid. The foods which do not contain any added sugar are at the bottom of the nutrition pyramid. When the food contains no fat or very little fat it resides at the bottom. The more you do physical activity; your body will need more foods with fats or sugars. If you want to eat more of chocolates and other sugar added foods, you must do lot and lots of exercises.
The personalization is shown by the steps the person is climbing. It will have personal slogan and url.This will be personalization part of your nutrition pyramid.
There is proportionality feature in the nutrition pyramid. But generally the nutrition pyramid does not show exact mathematical proportion. The nutrition pyramid shows approximate proportionality. This is more in guiding nature. The width suggests how much a person should consume the food from each group.
The variety of foods is represented by the color bands, in the nutrition pyramid. There are five food groups and oils are sixth requirement of the body. The first point to be noted in this part of the nutrition pyramid is that our body requires every type of food. Nobody can avoid consuming any one type of food group. For good health, we must consume every type of food.
The gradual improvement is shown by the slogan and small steps taken, in the nutrition pyramid. If you bring small changes in your diet, your life style, you can become healthier.

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