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Nutrition games

It is really necessary to teach kids basic principals of nutrition at the early stage of their lives. Kids find playing a game as the fun activity. The nutrition games were created initially, to inspire the children to take nutrition study. Once it was proved that children enjoy nutrition games and learn a lot about the nutrition in the whole process, the market for the nutrition games for kids started growing very fast. Today all sorts of nutrition games are available on line in both free and paid versions. The world of nutrition games is ever expanding one
Halloween candy game is one of the nutrition games for kids. There is pumpkin on the webpage. Kids can drag the candy bars to pumpkin’s mouth. When the pumpkin is fed whole day’s nutrition, the game tells you to stop. The kids learn so many things about nutrition here. Firstly there is definite limit for eating candies if you want to maintain healthy life. They learn to space their candy bar consumption. They also enjoy this game.
The next one from nutrition games is mission Nutrition. On the web page there is colorful picture of the corner of the kitchen. and the kid is told to open the door of the fridge. The interactive game makes it possible to open the door at the click of the mouse. The kid sees lots of food items. A pop window asks a question, which one of these contains maximum amount of added sugar.? The kid feels the milk should be the answer. and clicks on it. Pops out an answer, the milk does contain sugar,. but is of natural verity. The kid automatically learns that there are two types of sugars, one naturally occurring, and another added one. By clicking on different pictures of food items he gets nutrition info of that food product. The nutrition games add to his nutrition knowledge in a great way.
My body scavenger Hunt .This is the name of one of the most popular nutrition games.
Nutrition games can teach about the complicated digestive system in a fun way. Nutrition games can help kids to understand the cause of the heart burn and how to avoid it. Nutrition games can take the kids in to the 22 feet long intestine. The kids also learn about the foods journey in our body. The kids do get lots of questions about our body. How many bones do we have? Where are they situated? What are their important properties? How do they develop? All these questions are answered in this type of nutrition games.
There are nutrition games for adults also. The US govt has famous my pyramid nutrition games site. There are printable nutrition games available. The world of nutrition games is too big to be covered in such a small space.

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