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Snowboarding tricks

Snowboarding is fun on its own, but if you wish to add a little or a lot more excitement to your favorite sport, there are a few snowboarding tricks that you can try. Some are easy and great for beginners, while the others should only be attempted by those who have been snowboarding for a long time and know what they are doing. The most important thing to remember when attempting any kind of snowboarding tricks is that you are wearing all the necessary gear. This is a safety precaution that has to be followed; it is for your own safety, no one else’s.

When it comes to snowboarding tricks, there are many different tricks for one to practice, just a few of the categories are Aerial Tricks, Surface Tricks, and Tricks on Rails. There are mainly two Aerial Tricks; Ollies and Air to Fakie. The Ollie is the basic trick for many of the Aerial Tricks. The Ollie is very useful for jumping over little obstructions that may be in your way, instead of swerving them and possibly loosing your balance. The Air to Fakie consists of performing a 180§ turn in midair. This trick takes a lot of concentration and perfection.

Then there are mainly three Surface Tricks; Wheelies, Butters and Nose and Tail Rolls. The Wheelies teach you how to keep your balance when riding only one end of the board. This helps you to build power and control when you raise the nose or tail of the board. Butters is when you perform a sequence full turns. Before attempting this, make sure you know how to turn precisely on your board and raise one end of it while doing so. The Nose and Tail Roll is managed by you making use of the board’s tail or nose to spin 180§ and therefore shifting your posture.

With Tricks on Rails there are 50/50 Grinds, Rock-n-Roll Grinds and 180 Grinds. The 50/50 is one of the tricks you can also perform off the snow on boxes and rails; it is the simplest type of grind to learn. The Rock-n-Roll Grind is where you have to maintain the board parallel to the rail when you are grinding. For this trick you need the correct timing, approach and balance. 180 Grinds consist of 180§ turns before and after grinding the rail. For this trick you should be able to perfect Ollies.


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