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Snowboarding safety tips

The safety aspect of snowboarding is first and foremost the important focus. You need to stop and make sure that all of your gear is working correctly before you venture out to slopes. If you have used your snowboard quite frequently, inspect the bottom of it to make sure that there are no ridges that could get caught on a rough area. You can oil the board prior to taking it out to ensure that there will be no rough patches. If you are snowboarding with other people, have them check their boards as well. If they have a mishap, it could easily backfire on you as well.

If you are snowboarding with a group, set a meeting spot and a time in case you were to be split up. This is very beneficial if you are snowboarding in a new location. Make sure that your meeting time is set for a few hours after you first meet to make sure that everyone is OK. If it is possible, try to snowboard together. Try to find an area that has other people snowboarding on them. Choose an area that is not packed with people, but busy enough that someone could help you if there was an emergency.

If you own boots and you have not worn them since last winter, check to make sure that they are still snug. Also, inspect the buckles to ensure that they are not coming loose from the boot. If your boots are not snug, there is a strong chance that you could twist your ankle or do worse damage. If your boots are not safe, then rent a pair from the lodge. It may not be pleasant wearing used boots, but at least you will know that you will be safe.

The latches on your snowboard are called “bindings”. They keep your boots secured to the board. Check to see if they are coming loose from the board. If so, replace them before you hit the slopes. Snowboarding consists of jumps and other tricks. If your bindings come loose while you are performing a trick, the end result could be very devastating.

When packaging for the trip, make sure to pack very warm clothes including gloves and hats. Make sure to pack extra so that one pair can dry while you still have a spare. Goggles are very important due to the fact that they can prevent sun damage and any other mishaps. The sun is very bright when it is reflected off of the snow and it could blind you from seeing where you are going.


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