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True love test

As humans, we feel the need to have a companion. The issue of lust or love can often be an annoying question lingering in the back of our mind. Is there really a tried and true method of figuring out if that significant other is the “love right now” or the “one true love”? Not really. Every time you fall in love it will always feel like the true love. Each relationship will offer you something new and exciting and each one will teach you something about yourself that you never knew. While there is no proven method of figuring out if that person is ‘The One’, there are several signs that proves if your attraction has moved past lust.

The following 14 facts will help you determine the status of your relationship:

1. You cannot help but smile when you see him/her.
2. They are always smiling back
3. You feel completely comfortable in the relationship
4. You trust your partner to the fullest extent, with no space for jealousy
5. Even though your relationship has encountered testing times, you have remained together through it all.
6. Your relationship is very mature with no silly arguments or name calling.
7. You each do nice things for one another or buy each other surprises “just because”.
8. There is no violence in the relationship
9. Outside pressures do not seem like a big deal because your relationship is so concrete.
10.You both improve each other, with no actions of making one another do something that they are against doing.
11.You both have your own lives with your own hobbies and ideas.
12.Your religion, opinions, past background, or other beliefs do not bring trouble to the relationship. They only enhance it.
13.Your relationship can withstand a time period without any intimacy. Either way, you still feel connected to one another.
14.You are certain that everything you feel is also felt by your partner.

The idea of having only one “true love” is very romantic and comforting. However, the idea is only brought to life within fairytale stories. If you become obsessed with the idea of finding your soul mate, your expectations may become too unrealistic and the person will pass you by. Do not get frustrated if your relationships do not match the love test. Think of them as stepping stones for the final relationship that you will have. The only way to find them is to experience different relationships and decide what you are looking for in a relationship.


March 20, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Love Test

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