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The jolie pitt foundation

The Jolie Pitt Foundation has helped many over two years, first opened in September 2006, this couple is currently donating $1 million dollars, that is per person to the Doctors without borders and a foundation that partakes is taking care for children worldwide. The Jolie Pitt foundation was produced to aid in humanitarian causes all around the globe. The foundation recently donated $1 million to Doctors without borders (M‚decins Sans Fronti‚res), this foundation is a global medical institute that gives disaster aid to families that has been affected by war, epidemics, HIV/AIDS as well as severe poverty and all this in over 70 countries.

This goodhearted couple keep themselves busy by helping out the needy where they can. They raised $7 million for a charity by the sales of their pictures of their daughter, Shiloh Nouvel. These funds were donated to The United Nations Children’s fund (UNICEF), the organization that works for the children’s rights, their survival, development as well as protection. They have announced that $1 million, through the Jolie Pitt foundation to help Sudanese refugees. Angelina Jolie has paid a visit to Sudan on three separate occasions and is considered a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), her latest visit to Oure-Cassoni camp where she was struck by the logic that hope does live and the extensive longing for peace. This was where Angelina met with staff workers for the SOS children’s villages, which give psychological aid to the children whom are traumatized. This organization focuses on disasters and gets far too little thought and the Jolie Pitt foundation is happy to do their bit for the world. This single donation will be split to three agencies that play key roles in Darfur as well as Chad. These three organizations are actively involved in the production of life-saving assistance to more than 2 million residents that have been relocated inside Darfur and the 240,000 refugees that reside in camps inside the eastern Chad.

In the year 2007, the Jolie Pitt foundation gave $100,000 in the aid to build the Duk Lost Boys MC in Sudan. John Dau started in a documentary that was featured by Brad Pitt called, ‘God grew tired of us’. Dau met with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the film’s premiere and shared the plan of the medical centre with them. At this stage Dau, expressed his gratitude and thanks to the couple.

Daniel Pearl, the wall street journal correspondent who was beheaded in Pakistan, the famous couple donated $100,000 to the charity in his name on the date that would have been his 43rd birthday. The widow of Daniel, Mariane Pearl has formed the basics of the movie in the memory of her late husband. His life story was made known by Pitt and Jolie and begun the filming in India.

The Jolie Pitt foundation is dedicated to using the resources to help those most defenseless. The missions of the Jolie Pitt foundation goes to the most risky trouble spots in the faraway corners of the world and is set to continue well in to the future.

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