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Star signs love test

Online there are a variety of different love tests that you can take to see if your current boyfriend or girlfriend is a match for you. When you take the star signs love test you are looking specifically at the star sign of you and the person you are dating. Star signs are signs in astrology that each of us have. The Chinese and Western astrology have signs based on the stars that give us our personality and our destinies. For Western astrology the star signs are based on our month and day of birth, where as Chinese culture bases it on the year of our birth. These signs are supposed to state who we are compatible with. When there is a question or when we want our signs read we seek things like the star signs love test that deals specifically with the star signs rather than our horoscopes or reading our palms.

There are a few different star signs love tests that you can take. One is just based on the actual signs. You tell the computer what your sign is and that of the other person. Then the results are displayed for whether you are supposed to be a match or a catastrophe. The other type of test is based on questions regarding personalities. As mentioned the star signs tell you your personality and the other person’s personality. That is the reason for their existence. For example take a Sagittarius. A person that falls under this star signs is stubborn, independent, kind, but always looking for adventure. When you take a star signs love test as this individual you should see the person compatible with an easy going person that loves adventure, but that isn’t as stubborn. In other words the star signs love test will point you towards the individual you should fall in love with.

The star signs love tests can be fairly accurate; however you shouldn’t take them as the whole truth. The tests are based on having fun over actually serving as the absolute truth. Taking one of these tests can be fun and amusing to see if the person you are with actually is found compatible. Of course only you know what is really right for you. So go online search out a star signs love test and just see what might come up in your love life, it could be full of romance for February.

March 20, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Love Test

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  1. The daily horoscopes not only list the Zodiac signs for each month but also each signs’ distinctive personality type. The fact is that conflict in a relationship often arises when two incompatible personality types are in disagreement.

    Comment by Online Horoscope | March 27, 2008 | Reply

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