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Love or infatuation test

Many people are unable to correctly distinguish love from infatuation, also known as lust. People who are younger, such as teenagers, are specifically the ones who have the most trouble because of their lack of experience. It would be nice to think that each relationship is love and not lust. However, we would not learn anything about ourselves if we did not date several people before finally finding the right person. Once the wool is pulled out from over the eyes, it is possible to distinguish one’s feelings between love and lust.

Infatuation is a feeling that is based on a reasonable basis. When infatuation is involved, it is easy to figure out what you like about the other person’s affection. Attractive looks are the most common reason for infatuation. Instead of love at first sight, it is technically love at first lust. We see with out eyes before we see with our heart. Someone’s intelligence, their personality traits, disposition, or style are all factors that lead for someone to be infatuated with their partner. The one important thing to remember with infatuation is that the glittery positive aspects usually keep the person from seeing the bad qualities. The person is blinded from the bad qualities.

An infatuation, or a crush, is defined as an attraction that is based at the surface. There is no understanding involved, only seeing what the heart and eye allows the person to see. Teenagers who have not had much dating experience mistake their physical attraction for their partner for actual love. Love is much deeper than a typical attraction and it often takes a lengthy amount of time for the love to grow. While love is more complicated than lust, it also has to be nurtured and respected in order for it to grow and appear.

Love is typically the opposite. When you are in love you will realize that the things that attract you to the person might not necessarily be good. However, with your personality, both of your character traits fit perfectly, almost like a puzzle. Love also keeps us from being blinded from our partner’s negative qualities. We are able to see their bad traits, accept them, and love them either way. This could also be called loving unconditionally. Another strong point of love is that our partner brings out our good qualities, and also teaches us to work on our negative qualities. Love is best tested with time. If the relationship lasts through several obstacles or events during the course of several years, then the love will surely last. However, if the love fades after several months or a year, then it was lust.


March 20, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Love Test

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