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Friend crush love test

The topics of friends, crushes, and love interests are all correlated together in our society. When we date someone our friends are involved. If we have a crush on someone, more than likely our friends are informed. Often, there will be a conflict of interest between two friends, especially females. Teenagers usually experience the “jealousy” conflict.

For example, there are two friends in high school who both have feelings for the same guy. One of the friends is incredibly shy but the other one is not. The one who is very outgoing asks the guy out knowing that her friend likes him. Situations like this are what causes many friendships to go downhill, with many of them never reuniting again. However, it is a true test to a friendship. A friend who would backstab the other is certainly not someone to both having a friendship with. If the friendship was really close then both people would simply give up on the guy and realize that guys come and go but friends are always there. A close-knit friendship ending because of a grade school crush is very sad.

Another issue with relationships that involve friends is when someone’s friend does not like their significant other. This is typically very normal involving teenage relationships. The issue of peer pressure is more prominent. A popular girl who is dating a non-popular boy is often looked down upon by her friends. The guy does not wear popular clothes, and he may also not be rich or trendy like her and her friends. The girl does not care because she is able to see past all of that. However, her friends are not so understanding. They may have good intentions at heart but in reality they are forcing her to make a very difficult decision.

Sadly, many girls will break under the pressure and end the relationship, only regretting it a few years later. If only they knew how different the real world is after high school. However, if you are a teenager reading this or if you know a teen who is going through this situation tell them to focus on their happiness and to stand up to their friends. Once her friends see how important this relationship is to them, they may start to understand. Sometimes, the friends are just being protective and need to be told firmly. Once they get to know the guy, they may see why their friend is so crazy about him. If the friends want her to be happy, then they will eventually see her boyfriend the way she sees him.


March 20, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Love Test

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