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The love thermometer

Instead of analyzing you and your significant other’s relationship by filling out a gruesome questionnaire, you can participate in a Love Thermometer program. At LoveTest (, they offer a variety of love programs including a Love Thermometer. The Love Thermometer calculates the significance of you and your partner’s relationship by contrasting and comparing different details. You simply fill out a small form and then you have the option of which details can be analyzed. If you choose the option of “All Aspects”, then the combined total of all details will be given to you. If you do not want a calculation of all aspects of the relationship then you have the option of only seeing the reports for one part of the relationship.

The information that the site asks for is:

ú Your full name
ú Your gender (Male or Female)
ú Your age
ú Your Zodiac Sign (based on your birth date)
ú Your email address

Information about your significant other:

ú Full name
ú Gender
ú Age
ú Zodiac sign

Love Thermometer Options:

ú How do you feel about your relationship?
ú What aspect of your relationship do you want to receive reports for?

The results of the Love Thermometer evaluation will be given to you immediately, as with all of the other tests and quizzes available. You have the option of printing the analysis, or forwarding them to your partner. The website will also email you a copy for your records.

There are multiple sites that use the Love Thermometer to help people determine their compatibility. At Matchology (, you can find total strangers that might possibly be your soul mate. Many psychologists say that the most successful couples are those who are very much alike. Therefore, opposites really do not attract. Dr. Glenn Wilson Ph.D. invented a way for single people, or partners, to find out their compatibility. His device is called the Compatibility Quotient Test (CQ).

A compatibility report is calculated when two people take the CQ test. A score is reported, and it determines how compatible each couple is. The CQ test is free on the Matchology website. You simply register on the site by listing a few details of yourself, and then you answer the 30 test questions. After you have completed the first steps, have the person that you want to be matched with do the same thing. The test is free as long as you ask for only the basic compatibility score. You can purchase the full report which gives a more detailed description of your compatibility including a survey that shows where you both match up in the 6 important areas of your lives. If you do not have a partner in mind, Matchology will help you find other people who match your test score.


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