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Freestyle snowboarding tricks

Freestyle snowboarding has become a hobby that many sports enthusiasts enjoy. Since snowboarding was introduced, freestyle snowboarding has grown rapidly in popularity. Freestyle snowboarding is a combination of skateboarding, surfing, and windsurfing. Because of this combination, freestyle snowboarding has attracted many people who enjoy all sports, not just winter sports. In order to perform tricks on a snowboard, one has to have the correct equipment.

A Half pipe can only be described as a large tube with the top of it cut off. It has to be built on the hill. The snowboarder then rides down through the half pipe. The rider also goes from one side of the pipe to the other as they go down the hill. As they go from side to side, they also perform jumps right before they go back to the other side. The final performance score is based on how hard the jump is, how many turns the snowboarder produces, and how many flips and spins are performed.

Another type of snowboarding even is a “jump contest”. In this situation, there is a large slope at the end of the hill. The snowboarder starts off at the top of the hill, gains speed as they continue, and then once they go over the ramp they can choose to do several spins, flips or rotations. Once again, they are graded on how many difficult rotations they do and how many flips or spins are performed.

The most favorite freestyle of any snowboarder is the “Power Snow Driving” event. A hill is used again, but this time the hill is covered with a large amount of powdered snow from the top of the hill to the bottom. The goal of the snowboarder is to go down the hill as fast as possible and carve through the snow. The path of the snowboarder is up to them, but along the way they can do turns, curves or small jumps.

A “Boarder Cross” event involves several snowboarders at one time. Usually five snowboarders start off at the top of the hill and they have to make their way through a variety of ramps, jumps and other obstacles until someone makes it past the finish line.

In order to better understand the words that an announcer at a freestyle event may say, the following is a list of common freestyle snowboarding terms:

 Air: The announcer might say this when the snowboarder goes up into air and then ends with a jump or spin.
 Carve: This is when a snowboarder uses the end of their snowboard to perform a turn.
 Bonk: When a snowboarder goes over a ramp or pipe, they will “bonk” the object, or slap the ramp.
 Duck Stance: The announcer is describing how the snowboarder is standing on the board.
 Lip: Refers to the top of the half pipe.
 Fall Line: Describes where the snowboarder gained the most speed while going down the mountain.


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