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Free love test

Have you ever wondered how romantic you truly are? At ( you can take a free love test that proves how romantic you are. There are 40 questions, and the answer is based on the answers that you provide. The test also calculates the compatibility between you and your partner using a numerology theory. The theory uses the names of both you and your significant other. Additional information included in the test results is an astrological compatibility statistic about you and your significant other’s birth months, also called zodiac signs. The test also gives you the meaning of both your name and your partner’s name.

The following is the questions that are included in the test:

1. As a teenager, you had multiple crushes.
2. You know that you have fallen in love with atleast two people at first sight.
3. You get a boost of confidence with other people notice you with an attractive partner.
4. When you are on a date with a very attractive member of the opposite sex, you try harder as opposed to other dates.
5. You like reading fiction stories, instead of nonfiction books.
6. When you are at the movies, you enjoy seeing a love story instead of a comedy.
7. You also enjoy reading a good book full of romance.
8. When you kiss someone, you like kissing with your eyes closed.
9. When worrying about something other than your love life you worry about:
a. your finances
b. your home
c. your mortgage payment
d. your job
10. You frequently think about being intimate with your partner when you daydream.

The free love test on ( has been available since February 23, 1996. Not only do they offer a free love test, but they also offer a list of the phrase “I love you” in all different languages. You can also send a prank “love calculator” to your friends to make them think that it is revealing their secret crush. The website is known as the site with the original love test device. The makers say that they are not trying to make people have an unrealistic idea of love, they are simply enhancing the reality of love. The only way that a couple can truly have a successful relationship is if they are able to tell the difference between romance and reality. If both of those factors are realized, then the relationship will be compatible.


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