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Couples love test

When entering into a relationship it can be scary and exciting at the same time. It is so easy to get wrapped up in a relationship and then all of a sudden things start to go down hill before your eyes. After getting burned once, you may be scared to enter into a new relationship. Everything is a learning experience, but keep the following facts in the back of your mind when you date the next person.

 When you see your significant other they automatically bring a smile to your face.
 You were friends with him/her before you were a couple.
 You do not spend every free moment together. You each have your own activities.
 You each have your own interests and activities separate from one another.
 Your relationship is an equal partnership. Sometimes you get your way, and then there are times when he/she gets their way.
 You do not agree on everything. You each have your own opinions.
 When you have a disagreement, you are both able to drop the issue and move on. The conversation does not end up in a big argument.
 When the two of you have a disagreement, you both apologize afterwards.
 If you have an argument, the person who was out of line is usually the one who apologizes first.
 When the other person talks to someone of the opposite sex, you do not get jealous.
 Your significant other does not make you feel guilty if you do something wrong.
 You both make time to see your friends without the other person present.
 Your friends like your significant other, and his/her friends like you.
 Your partner does not get insanely jealous when you do not invite them to hang out with your friends.

There is no true test to see if you and your partner’s love will last. As mentioned before, love is a learning experience. There is no right or wrong way to go about the situation. The main point to keep in mind is if you have done everything that you could possibly do to help the relationship but you and your partner are still having problems, then it is not meant to be. Also, if your partner is mean to you or blames you for things, even if you are acting appropriately and you know in your heart that you are not wrong, then they are the one with the problem.


March 17, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Love Test

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