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World of warcrafts commercials

The Good Old Days – The world has changed and how fast. The good old days of radio and B/W Television are long gone and the new age mantra of Direct to customer or Internet marketing and commercials are flooding our lives with information we were very comfortable without. Normally commercials were associated with certain products or services which had mass appeal and which required the enlightenment of the general populace regarding the availability of the same in the vicinity or otherwise. It is not only the commercials that have changed drastically, but also the products that require advertisement and commercials have changed.
Target Marketing – The advent of target marketing has completely transformed the commercial creation and beaming technologies. Computers and Computer networking enabled congregation of like minded and opinion people to form core groups and utilise the internet to create their own world of fantasies, thus paving way for the craze called the Online Games followed by Massively Multiplayer Online Games like World of Warcraft. The game captured eyes and hearts of millions of gamers and has now emerged as one of the most popular and appreciated online games of the current generation.
The Need – The game has become so popular that the producers of the game even felt the need to release the World Of Warcraft Commercial for the ardent fans and the newcomers who were interested in knowing the basics and the environment of the game. Started in 1994, World Of Warcraft immediately attracted attention of the online gamers and was greeted with a warm welcome whenever a new add on or patch version of the game was launched. Today the World Of Warcraft online real time game is considered the ultimate experience in real time interactive gaming, multimedia graphic rendering and audio streaming. The World Of Warcraft Commercial was created with an aim to thrill the ardent fans with new releases and patches and attracts the newcomers and fringe players to enter the main zone and become an integral part of the mainstream.
The Commercial – The World Of Warcraft Commercial depicts the “Instance dungeons” which are, even for a regular gamer, incredibly difficult still contain a lot of fun quotient. The highlight of the World Of Warcraft Commercial remains the real atmosphere and the characters that it depicts in the Reign of Chaos and the ravaged world of Azeroth. The World Of Warcraft Commercial include the Player Characters as well as the Non-Player Characters including the Druid Hybrid class, the Hunter Damage class, the Mage, the Paladin, the Priest, the Rogue, the Shaman, the Warlock and the Warrior.
The Realistic Commercial – Even the Burning Legion demon Lord Kazzak and the blue dragon Azuregos of Azshara in the Blasted Lands followed by four green dragons corrupted by the “Emerald Nightmare” have raised the levels of the World Of Warcraft Commercial.


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