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World of warcraft guilds

A great advantage of the game is that although it is a personal journey of discovery, accepting challenges, going on adventures, taking up quests and above all, doing it at your pace in your way, you can, if you wish, join other players to accept quests or simply to go exploring with. You can do this either on a temporary basis or you can join a World of Warcraft guild of like minded players. If you wish to form a group with people you know, maybe even real life friends, you can create a guild yourself.

A guild can offer many advantages to a player. Guild members can sometimes do things and go to places that non guild members cannot. A guild can be a source of free articles, help with quests, trade skills that you need and protection when necessary. It can help you improve your level; the members can give you a lot of advice (great for a beginner) and suggestions born of their experience and knowledge. Guild members can also become firm online friends and allies so increasing your enjoyment of the game.

Although World of Warcraft Guilds are private and not overseen or managed by the World of Warcraft team there are certain rules to be followed. There is a required minimum membership of ten for a guild and authorisation from a Guildmaster is necessary to create a new guild. A name has to be found and the guild tabard designed and purchased. The Guildmaster can open a guild bank and a guild chat; these can be very useful for members for borrowing items or seeking help. The Guildmaster has to grant various access authorisations to guild members and guild leaders of various ranks have to be chosen.

For a player wishing to join an existing guild there are various factors to be taken into consideration. Are they looking for a large or small guild, members they know or total strangers, an unknown or well known guild? As with any organisation, a guild can have a good or bad reputation; sometimes this reputation is not deserved so a potential member is advised to research guilds carefully before choosing one. The general points to look for in a good guild are; strong and fair management structure, help for beginners or those on lower levels, polite and friendly relationships between guild members and good communications and interaction between guild members of all levels. Insults, unfairness, abuse of power amongst the leaders and indifference in guilds should be avoided.

Whether a player prefers the idea of forming a guild themselves or joining an existing one, it is important to remember that belonging to a World of Warcraft guild does not mean a player loses their individuality or freedom. On the contrary, a member is still at liberty to go on quests, explore and have adventures as much as a non member but being a guild member can open the door to other opportunities and give a player help, support and protection. World of Warcraft Guilds are great places to meet people too!


March 10, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Warcraft

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