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World of warcrafts system requirement

The Error Report – “Your System Hardware doesn’t not support the requirements of this Game, Please check with your Hardware Manufacturer for further details”. Just how many times have we been frustrated by this unwarranted message which pops up every time we try to install and run a new software or game? It is more frustrating in case of a newly bought game because of the anticipation build up with which one tries to load and play the game.

The Hardware Games – The hardware requirements of softwares differ with the manufacturer as well as the game environment and Graphic capacity. Thus we have hundreds of errors popping up their ugly heads when one anticipates a program to run smoothly. The Hardware unification attempt of various Hardware manufacturers have ensured that, at least, the basic hardware is common for almost all Home personal computers. However, when it comes to Gaming Computers the hardware requirements change drastically and the Gaming computer differs basically because of the user specific requirements.

The Mandatory Requirement – The advent of Online Gaming and the Massively Multiplayer Online Games which enabled thousands of players to join a common platform and play the Online Game, has made it mandatory for the ardent Gamer to verify the Hardware requirements and satisfy them before installing the Gaming Software. Especially Online Games like World Of Warcraft have specific requirements which are mandatory for the user in order to enjoy all the features offered by the Game. World Of Warcraft System Requirements are promulgated alongwith the software CD and are also available Online on the Games Website.

World Of Warcraft System Requirements – The World Of Warcraft System Requirements are basically aiming at the Video acceleration and Graphic rendering cards, the audio devices and the more basic Computer configuration of Hard disk space and RAM capacity. The internet connection, the minimum speed required for establishing a connection, acquiring and buffering data and of course real time game play also play a major role in creating a perfect gaming environment.
The Hardware – Generally the World Of Warcraft System Requirements as listed out for the Windows System 2000 or Windows XP Operating System or Vista,an Intel Pentium-4 1.5 GHz or AMD XP 1500+ MHz Processor, Minimum 1024 MB RAM, 32 megabytes 3-D graphic card with such as NVIDIA Ge Force(tm) FX 5700 card or better, DirectX 9.0, Latest driver softwares, minimum 6.0 GB of free HD space, CD-ROM drive and preferably a broadband Internet connection. Similar World Of Warcraft System Requirements are also for the Mac OS X 10.3.9 wherein a Minimum 933 MHz G4 or G5 or Intel processor works with the same hardware combo as above.

The Support – Yes, World Of Warcraft System Requirements also include a 3D graphics card. A wide range of 3D cards are supported and work fine with the game. It is important that the gamer realizes the need of the hardware specified by the Game authorities. It is with an aim to provide a glitch free and smooth running multimedia experience where in real time interactive games provide the best gaming satisfaction to the ardent gamer.


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