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World of warcraft movie

There are lots of players in the games of World of Warcraft, who not only play the games just for the sake of enjoyment, but; in their extra time, they also try to make movies on them. It is quite obvious that the movies which they try to make; are not at all meant to compete in the Oscars, though some special awards have been reserved for this category, but their main objective is to entertain maximum number of people.
If you are planning to know more about the world of Warcraft movies then it better for you explore the World Wide Web. This will help you to know more about the movies. If you know the entire knowledge about the world of Warcraft movie then you can make your own Warcraft movie. With the help of World Wide Web, you can sell you own Warcraft movie. If you are not willing to sell, then you can use your own movie to entertain your friends and relatives.
There are so many software applications that are available in the market. These applications can be used for PC and MAC. These applications will play an important role as it will help you to create your own Warcraft movie. Before installing a software program, make sure that it is not a pirated version of the original software. Apart from this, if you need any guidance in your work,
Then you can always get the help of tutorials like Mechnima101. If you want more information regarding such types of tutorials, just log on to the World Wide Web. On the World Wide Web, correct keywords will help you to get all the information. If you really have a passion for movie making and have the required time, then you can make a large number of slides on World of Warcraft movies. Thus, entertain people at large and earn good money from it.
This would not only help you to fulfill your dreams of making a movie but also put light on your creativity. Another thing which attracts players to the World of Warcraft is the thrill of the action sequences and races which are present in the game. It is due to this reason; that World of Warcraft has a long list of fans, residing all over the world.
Now, if you feel that you have creativity in a particular field which can help you to create your own scene; then you should go ahead with your dream of making a movie. After making the movie, you must invite your friends and relatives to watch it. You can make your own World of Warcraft movie and you can also sell it on the World Wide Web by creating a website of your own.
Unlike in the olden days, today; there are many interesting animated movies available in the market. These have been created by players around the world. They would surely make up for the lack of action.


March 5, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Warcraft

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  1. Don’t Re-Invent the Wheel, Work with It
    by DanielleAlexandra on Mon Jun 23, 2008 3:36 pm

    Personally, I believe that in this world of spontaneity, instant gratification, and interest in blood and gore, shouldn’t W.O.W. tap into that when they make the movie?

    With unimaginative amounts of funding,
    which W.O.W. apparently (due to the massive amounts of users the game contains on it’s servers) has;

    shouldn’t the movie be ground breaking in the sense that it appeals to the hardcore gaming audience AND the general public box office (children, families, 40 plus people, and non-gamers?)

    Warcraft has the dynamics of L.O.T.R. so if you try to make the Warcraft universe enter the big screen it will be nuked by Peter Jackson and his fan base.

    L.O.T.R. showed the world that four hour epic movie trilogies that don’t cover all of the story line are disappointing to hardcore fans, no matter how gorgeous the piece of work is.

    No matter what W.O.W. the movie is not going to be able to cover all the intricate details in a movie, movies, or even a series. Just like the post in the forum says,

    peace wrote:
    Plain and simple. you’d be aiming too much to an audience that know about the story of warcraft. It needs to be a trillogy at the least. You want to create a bond between the characters and the audience? not gonna happen in 2 and a half hours, too much going on to make it happen.
    tell the story from both sides man, it would be so much more deep. something these war based fantasy movies are deeply lacking.

    I believe if W.O.W. were to make a movie it should be short,
    Action packed,
    Character-interaction based,
    heavily creative,
    soundtrack influenced,
    with implications of the W.O.W. plot line that only the hardcore gamers would know, but that the general public could understand that it’s all in the history books of W.O.W. also.

    Directors I believe would take the movie to the next level: Quentin Tarantino, Frank Miller, Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (The Directors of “Crank”), Zack Snyder, and maybe some Tim Burton?

    Warcraft is a wonderful story, a fun game, and has many many fans that aren’t going to settle well with being pissed off. Sit through four hours of huge battle scenes of elves facing orcs…
    or huge half hour long pan outs of intricate set designs… and be disappointed? That’s not going to settle well.

    Give me a Night Elf Rogue slaughtering things (“300” Frank Miller Style),
    magic explosions,
    the battle at Altrec Valley (or any singular actual Warcraft Universe historic battle)
    romance for the ladies,
    good costume designing and weapon design that stay consistent with actual facts from the game,
    Horde and Alliance fighting physically and verbally,
    badass but not too well known actors and actresses,
    no flashbacks,
    oh and humor, gotta have the funny,

    what do you think?

    I dance, http://la-morte-amoreuse.deviantart.comDanielleAlexandra

    Comment by coramdeofide | June 23, 2008 | Reply

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