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World of warcraft macros

World of Warcraft macros have become a big name in today’s gaming world. There are lots of curious people who are desperate to know about World of Warcraft macros and those who are aware of it are complaining because they are not able to make maximum out of it. But in reality, when the player starts playing the game of World of Warcraft macros, he finds it very interesting and gets very much involved in it.
It is advisable for those people; who are totally unaware of World of Warcraft Macros, to carefully read further. Those who have little bit of knowledge about it should also go through it as it will provide them with new tricks. In short macro means command. If you put a particular command into your chat box, your characters would start following it. While in a battlefield, if you want to defeat your enemy; you must type dual and his name. As a result, your character will see to it that he is defeated miserably. This is a very easy way to get over your opponent.
Definitely, most of us would wonder about the usage of world of Warcraft. However, you should know that it has the capacity to make different commands. You will be happy to know that commands will help you to win a game. There are many such commands available. It is better for you to know the correct ways to use the commands.
Suppose, if you want your character to defeat your enemy then you must type (name/dual). The rest will be taken care by your character. Now, if you want to invite someone then you must give the command (name/invite). Herein, you also have the option of specifically not inviting a friend to your party. For this; you must give the command (name/uninvite). Here, you are also provided with the option of sending a private message. This type of message will be shown on the screens of the opponent. But these are general commands; if you want commands for battlefields, then you must log on to the World Wide Web. Applaud, curdle, etc. are just to name a few; but mind well; they are not so effective. These are not something which you use for your enemies, though; you can use them when you feel that your team is in a winning position.
On World of Warcraft macros, you will also find some commands which your character will perform on the face of your opponent like smile, yawn etc. Here, commands like “fart” are also available which you can use to tease your fatty friends, though they seem to be funny, they come in handy when you need them the most.
So, you just have start using the World of Warcraft macros as it is quite simple for you to use. For this, you just need to follow a simple process. First of all, you need to Open the main menu, then select macro; you will find that macro screen pop ups. Now, if you press a new button then a long list of commands will come up. Start using the commands, as per your needs.


March 5, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Warcraft

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