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Anniston pitt and jolie

The separation between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston has created great controversies in the tabloids of the time. However, a less expected fact is the beginning of a fruitful relationship between Pitt and Angelina Jolie which astonished everyone at that time. The fast turnaround of the preferences of the famous sex symbol that is Brad Pitt from blondes to brunettes has come like a shock for the journalists of that period.

A less expected thing is the relatively fast rhythm in which the relationship between the two starts has evolved and the even faster marriage of the two stars. Since the moment of their official marriage and of their public status of united and indubitable couple, there have been many discussions upon all the commonly known aspects of the couple’s private and public life. Lots of controversies and of antagonistic opinions have appeared and for this reason people cannot say for sure if they know the actual and real elements and features of this famous couple.

In general, tabloids have the role of deforming reality in such a way as to attract the minds of curious people and to make them buy their scandalous publications. And this method had a real success, as there were thousands of exemplars sold that treated the hidden aspects of the relationship between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Besides that, we may also take into consideration the more controversial subjects that have come into picture at the times in which the couple adopted two children from two poor African countries, so as to raise them as their own children. All the actions and activities of the couple were closely examined and timescommented upon by tabloid journalists so as to publish them as they thought of this as of a real success towards the great public.

And this really was a successful approach as tabloids managed once again to attract the attention of curious people who wanted to know more and more about the details that stood in the background of this relationship. Moreover, besides the different opinions related to the adoption of the two little children, the little boy and the girl, there have also appeared many comments upon the controversial pregnancy of Angelina Jolie which has also astonished the great public last year when it was made public. All these elements make part of the actual life of the couple and they also make the subject of numerous tabloids and scandalous publications nowadays.


March 5, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Jolie & pitt

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