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Angelina jolie tattoos

A woman can look sexy with tattoos, and Angie just takes the word sexy over the top with her ink. She has a few different tattoos on her arms, her left bicep used to have her ex-husbands name; “Billy Bob” with a tribal dragon on it, but now since they are no longer together it has been removed and the space is used to ink the longitude and latitude numerals for the birthplace of each of her children, Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Shiloh. She also used to have a kanji tattoo on her left arm but it is now covered with a phrase that reads “A prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages”.

Then on her right arm is an Arabic tattoo of the meaning “Will Determination”, this tattoo is also a cover up, but another one that has to do with Billy Bob. Also on her arm are just the letter “H” and the Roman Numeral 13.

The tattoos she has on her back have been added to and edited over the years. Before, she had a Japanese kanji meaning for “death” on her shoulder, which is now replaced with a prayer for protection. Another tattoo honors her son, adopted Maddox and this is the Sanskrit Blessing in Cambodian. A little under the base of her neck stands “know your rights”. On her lower back there was tribal work, a small dragon and a window design, but later she decided to get a large Asian like tiger instead.

Another very sexy place for a tattoo; on her lower stomach Angelina has a phrase tattooed in Latin, it reads; Quod me netrit me destruit” which means something like “What nourishes me also destroys me”.

A big solid black cross is featured on her left hip, and this is said to be yet another cover up of a blue dragon she doesn’t really remember getting one night when she was out in Amsterdam. Those were her wild days we are guessing?

Tattoos can be fun and look good, but normally too many can make a woman look unattractive. Not this woman! The thing with Angie’s tattoos is that most of them were not just done for the fun and pain of it, but the majority of them have meanings behind them, and sentimental ones too.

She had her ex-husbands name tattooed on her arm, so we are just wondering when and where Brad’s name will feature? Hopefully a nice big spot somewhere where everyone can see it, that will be nice won’t it Angie?


March 5, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Jolie & pitt

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