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World of warcrafts art

The Gaming Appeal – When a new game is conceived the designers generally try and incorporate the most popular sentiments prevailing the current scenario and a detailed study is undertaken in order to ascertain the taste and attitude amongst the probable target gamers. The idea is to create a platform with which the user is able to identify and feel comfortable right from the word go. Thus we had the most popular versions of card, sports, war a well strategy games that resembled the reality.
Reality Bites – Infact so strong was the demand to have human like or known characters that the games generally followed the known characters and heroes from the real life. The sports games have still not been able to break that mould and continue to churn out games that heavily resemble with current gaming activities and real life players making it necessary for the designer to incorporate the latest and current events in the game as patches.
Watch Out Or Be Left Out – The other DOS games which were a craze at one time have slowly died a natural death and the ones that survived were permanently indebted to the Flash format. Thus with an ever changing mindset and attitude of the gamers it is imperative that the Game designers always remain on their toes and incorporate all the changes as and when the Gamer community is ready for it.
Involving the User – However, the Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG) in general and World Of Warcraft in particular have broken the conventional mould and now a stage has come where the users are so addicted to the game that they have started molding or rather remolding the characters or the environment to their liking. The recent World Of Warcraft Art competition saw an amazing array of artwork being submitted by the participants and fans from across the globe. World Of Warcraft Art was not permitted to be restricted to only the designers and animators of the group, even the recent recruit/ gamer were adamant upon creating their own specimen for the game.
Creative Minds – Thus we had “Sylvanas Locked in Thought” by a Chinese gamer and,
“Diablo’s Horns Tower” and “Firebat Hunted Hydralisk” submitted by avid gamers who were also interested in development of the game and the gaming environment as per their wish and requirement. The World Of Warcraft Art contest was utilised as a platform by the 3D and 2D artists full of talent. These artists latched upon the idea and presented some of the most stunning examples of cinematic art, proficient low-polygon 3D models and superb 2D environment. We have not yet started talking about character art.
The Passion For The Game – The Player Characters and the Non Player Characters in the world of Azeroth were presented by these geniuses in a totally innovative perspective. The Alliance characters of Humans, Night Elves, Gnomes, Draenei, Dwarves as well as the Horde of Orcs, Undead, Tauren, Trolls and Blood Elves were superbly crafted in a total different avatar as per the wishes of these artists. The characters and environment created by these novices may or may not be chosen for representing the games however, the point has been put across that the work of game design is not limited by professional knowledge only; it also requires passion of a gamer to create a really good game.


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