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World of warcraft quests

The quests are an integral part of the game that encourage the individual beginner to explore and become comfortable with their new online world. Experienced players appreciate the various rewards they can receive through accepting and completing World of Warcraft Quests and the challenge that each new quest or task represents. By performing these tasks or quests the player can obtain valuable experience thereby reaching higher levels of the game but can also earn various things including provisions, spells, trade skills, weapons and money. The majority of these can be kept or traded either between players or sold to a merchant. Some items are only available as rewards for a quest and cannot be obtained elsewhere.

The quests range in difficulty and are colour coded. The easiest, Grey Quests, are simple errands that give little in the way of rewards and no experience. The hardest are the Red Quests, these may involve great danger and team work and can often involve complicated multi-stage adventures. The various levels are (in ascending order of difficulty); grey, green, yellow, orange and red. Some quests are reserved for players who have reached a certain level or class, others are for those with certain skills such as blacksmithing. Many of the more difficult quests will require a player to join a group or party. Generally the player is offered a choice of rewards but if not then although the proposed items may not seem useful at that time they can often be used later for trading purposes. A player should not keep accepting low level quests unless it is to obtain a certain item or skill, quests are designed to challenge and advance the player. As players travel through the various zones they will encounter assorted characters (not players) who will offer certain quests, a player should consider each proposal carefully as some quests are restricted to certain zones and are not available elsewhere.

World of Warcraft Quests are generally offered by a NPC (non player character) that a player will meet in the online world. A player is not obliged to accept a quest; one can simply refuse and find another or come back another time to accept it. If a player wishes they can also share their quest with a friend or party member. The number of quests a player accepts is limited to 20 at any one time. A player can keep track of their quests in their quest log. Often a player will find that other players are on the same quest as themselves, this is normal, a quest is a personal challenge designed to increase your knowledge, confidence and skills as well as increasing your player’s wealth!

World of Warcraft Quests can add a lot of fun to the game for a player and will help them learn a lot about the game so making the game more interesting and rewarding for them in many ways. Quests can also be a great way to meet other people and make new friends. Will you accept the challenge and take on a quest?


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