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Brad pitt and angelina jolie current news

In the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie current news, it is said that apparently Brad has quite the temper! Well when it comes to your precious, gorgeous baby girl, who would have a raging temper? Brad recently blasted a magazine for publishing a rubbish story about his beloved daughter. I’m sure everyone is protective about their kids, but come on Brad, was that necessary? Apparently yes, it was very necessary and he did not regret his act, at least now the rest of the world knows not to mess with Shiloh Jolie Pitt! And I think everyone should take that advice!

Apparently, the magazine published a lengthy story about how Shiloh was getting death threats from the anonymous. The article, which was recently published to the public, went on to say that Hollywood’s sexiest couple, the brangelina’s, had to drastically increase the security measures within their home and while they are out in public because their daughter Shiloh had received very disturbing and threatening letters. I quote a sentence from the article: “someone got to their doorstep and left a threat against Shiloh”. Now this is enough to make any dad mad, we don’t blame you for opening that can of whip-ass Brad!

Brad was so outraged by this nonsense article that he wasn’t even bothered about first going through his publicist, he just went straight ahead with the whole thing. Brad’s exact words were “this is absolutely not true and reckless and dangerous to put these ideas out into the world” and he is right, you cant just go around talking nonsense about something this serious, because it might actually trigger something that was not suppose to be there in the first place, but hey, face the facts, it is Hollywood and they are famous. Hollywood celebs lives revolve around gossip and rumors, most of them have gotten so sued to it already they barely pay attention, but others are still beat by what they hear.

Celebs like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt must already have difficult lives with work and the kids and everything; they shouldn’t have to go through stuff like this. What they should do is sue whoever does something like this again, that should teach people not to mess with them, but then again, they would just be labeled as looking for attention as they are suing for money that they already have so much of, but they could give their winnings to charity.


March 4, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Jolie & pitt

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