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Angelina jolie pregnant with twins

Angelina Jolie is currently pregnant with twins to his partner Brad Pitt. This was confirmed when Angelina Jolie was spotted visiting her previous OB GYNE, Dr. Jason Rothbart who is the same doctor who helped her with her first pregnancy with daughter Shiloh. Before her second pregnancy, Dr, Rothbart even advised Angelina to put on some weight to her body if she wants to achieve a second pregnancy, which I guess have been successful as seen with the present condition of Angelina Jolie.

Previously, Angelina Jolie had been very opened about how she wants to get pregnant again. Her desire was granted with double as the news of Angelina Jolie Pregnant With Twins hit the hard core news of the Hollywood showbiz. The desire of Angelina Jolie to get pregnant again is also a desire of her partner Brad Pitt as they both wanted to make additional to their offspring that include their adopted kids as well Pax, Zahara, Maddox and of course their biological daughter Shiloh.

The pregnancy of Angelina Jolie was confirmed in a recent photo where she appears to have a bump in her tummy, which undoubtedly that she is really pregnant. After the confirmation news hit the Hollywood as the Angelina Jolie is pregnant with twins, which really made her partner Brad Pitt very happy and fulfilled. With Angelina’s pregnancy confirmation, Brad and Angelina became a hot couple now in Hollywood. They are admired by most people and reporters on how they handle their family life, money and celebrity status in Hollywood. Aside from making their difference, they both seem happy and well-adjusted with their family life.

Angelina Jolie’s pregnancy for twins is caused by a fertility treatment that she undergone a few months ago. There was a recent report from someone closed to Angelina that she is currently overjoyed about her pregnancy now as getting pregnant to Brad’s children is one precious gift from God. However, Angelina Jolie being pregnant now with twins is just a speculation from British baby expert who had seen Angelina’s big bump. But there are also reports that Angelina herself had confirmed that she’s expecting a twin for her pregnancy because she’s growing much bigger every week.

Up to this time, there is no current confirmation about the latest situation of Angelina Jolie’s twin pregnancy. Confirmation will only come from Angelina herself and Brad himself. Though there are facts and photos proving that Angelina Jolie is on her way to deliver another baby, facts about the twin issue are still not proven. What we can do now is just be happy and hope for the best that Angelina can deliver her baby or babies in good health and condition. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a twin or not.


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