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Symptoms of food allergies

The symptoms of food allergies are going to vary from person to person. You will find that some individuals suffer from food allergies in a mild case, this means that they will have less symptoms and often the symptoms of food allergies are not going to remain for a long duration. To start off in this article we are going to list the symptoms of food allergies, and then discuss in more detail the actual reactions a person can have.

There are several symptoms of food allergies. The most prevalent symptom is hives. We are all pretty familiar with what hives are, but for your benefit hives are a red rash that causes the skin to itch. Most often hives are going to offer you raised bumps or welts that will spread from one area of the body to another. In some cases the hives are going to be localized to a specific area, but most often if left untreated they will continue to spread. It should be mentioned that hives can spread due to stress. This means that if you are having an allergic reaction and you begin to stress out the hives can spread at a quicker pace.

The next in symptoms of food allergies is the swelling. Most often because the food is ingested the swelling of the mouth and lips will be the first sign. If you have a severe allergy your neck and the rest of your body could begin to swell.

You will experience stomach cramps as a result of the allergy in most cases, and nausea or vomiting will soon follow. Lastly most individuals with food allergies experience diarrhea. There are other symptoms of food allergies that are less common like itching or watering of the eyes, runny or stuffy nose, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, dizziness, an irregular heartbeat, and of course anaphylactic shock.

You will find that with symptoms of food allergies the last items mentioned in the above paragraph of less common than the first symptoms mentioned. The anaphylactic shock, breathing issues, and dizziness is often going to result from eating a lot of the food you are allergic too or if you have an extreme case of the food allergy. Most individuals have a mild allergy to one or two foods, which means hives and swelling that will decrease after a few hours. The onset of the symptoms of food allergies can be two minutes or take two hours depending on the person.


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