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Pomegranate nutrition

Pomegranates are ancient fruits. Originally they were from Middle East. They traveled to INDIA. The first pomegranate nutrition info can be found in Aurveda. Aurveda is ancient Indian medical science. The medicinal properties and rejuvenating nature of pomegranate juice is documented in the aurveda. Thus one can say that pomegranate nutrition history is pretty old. and ancient. Though there is lot of hype regarding the wonder juice of pomegranate in west, for east, it is an old story.
In heart health anti oxidants are very important group of chemicals, These chemicals prevent clogging of arteries. Pomegranate nutrition is most important for the simple reason that it provides 40% more anti oxidants as compared to other juices. Though it is known, that fruit juices contain anti oxidants, research in pomegranate nutrition is a recent phenomenon. Taking advantage of the fact that pomegranate contains maximum anti oxidants, the manufacturer went in for selling it on big scale. Thus pomegranate nutrition industry was borne. It is a fact that these canned pomegranate juices are providing three times more anti oxidants as compared to same measure of natural pomegranate juice.
What kind of anti oxidants are provided in the pomegranate nutrition? These chemicals are called as polyphenols. There are three different groups of chemicals in this category. First is called as tannins. Second is anthocyanines. Third is ellegic acid. You get rich supply of these beneficial chemicals in pomegranate nutrition. The anti oxidant property of pomegranate juice is proved in lot many studies.
This fruit is rich in sugar also. a medium size pomegranate weighing about 125 grams will have approximately 26 grams of sugar in it. This sugar gives it delicious taste. This sugar is important from pomegranate nutrition point of view as it provides instant energy.
The second important point in pomegranate nutrition is high mineral content found in it’s juice. Calcium Magnesium, iron phosphorous are present in it. These are also present in other fruits. What differentiates pomegranate nutrition from others is it’s high content of potassium. Potassium is very essential mineral nutrient. It is not easily found in naturally easily absorbable form. The pomegranate nutrition is exception to this.
The third important point in the pomegranate nutrition is presence of the vitamin C group chemicals in its juice. Vitamin C as ascorbic acid is 6 mg per 100 grams of edible fruit portion. The other group chemicals like Thiamin or Niacin or Riboflavin are also present in this juice.
The combination of vitamin and minerals give pomegranate nutrition its recovering power. Thus pomegranate nutrition not only stops clogging of arteries, it actually helps to
Reverse the disease. This rejuvenating power of pomegranate nutrition makes it unique not only in fruits but in all naturally occurring food items.


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