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Nutrition chart

Nutrition means studying effect of diet on the body hahealth. In this study you require lot of info. The nutrition chart is important tool that you can use to follow your nutritional diet and keep yourself healthy and fit. In following your nutritious diet you will require info regarding which food contains a particular nutrient. The nutrition chart gives you necessary info. You want to crosscheck certain nutrition facts; the nutrition char helps you to get that info. Let us take one concrete example to under stand what is a nutrition chart and what is the importance of the nutrition chart.
Let us consider a nutrition chart about fruit. This nutrition chart in its first column has the name of the fruit and also a god picture of that fruit. In next columns you will get detail info abut the contents in that fruit .The second column gives amount of the fruit to be considered. The fruits like apple or tomato are measured as per their size. Generally info is about medium size fruit. Incase of grapes or berries, the amount is one cup of the fruit. Some times the size may be one medium size of that fruit.
The next column innutrition chart is about the mineral contents. In case of apple, first column will have a word apple and a small photo of the apple in the nutrition chart. The second column of nutrition chart will tell you that we are talking about the medium size apple. It will also tell you that medium size apple skin contains about 4 grams of dietary fiber in it .The third column will tell you about minerals in this medium size aple. In case of medium size apple it contains Potassium 154 mg. Calcium 9.5 mg., ,Magnesium 7 mg phosphorous 9.5 mg selenium 4 mg. The medium size apple does contain iron., copper zinc in traces. But these quantities being small are not given in the nutrition chart.
In the last column you will get info about the vitamins contained in the medium size apple. Vitamin A is 73 IU, vitamin C is 9 mg Folate 4mcg Vitamin E 66 IU
The nutrition chart has given you all the data regarding its nutrient constituents. Now, how to use it to your advantage? Firstly you must educate yourself in your nutrition needs. The pregnant woman needs folate In her diet. This is very much necessary according to nutrition science. This nutrition chart will tell her that she will have 4mcg of folate.
From her requirement, she can decide whether she should have two apples or three everyday.
The nutrition chart helps you to decide how much food of one type, you should consume The nutrition chart helps you decide different combinations of nutritious food intake.


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