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Diabetes nutrition

Diabetes is your life long partner and hence to control it you need to understand everything associated with the diabetes nutrition to keep your body healthy and fit. Diabetes nutrition is a very vast topic, and difficult to cover, in 5000 words. But we will understand basic points involved in diabetes nutrition.
The most important question asked in the diabetes nutrition is should I avoid sugar totally? The answer is, not necessarily. There are two points to understand here. A debates patient does need sugar intake for healthy and fit life. The point is how much sugar he should consume? The study of diabetes nutrition provides you the answer. We eat many food items which are ultimately converted in to glucose that is sugar. So, you will have to understand that just avoiding sugar is not going to solve your problem of sugar control. You will have to study diabetes nutrition to understand, what sort of glucose, in what quantities, produced from every food item that you consume.
So you must have a meal plan and decide before hand the quantities of food items that you are going to consume. The second point is how many times a day, you are going to eat? The diabetes nutrition tells us, to take our total food in take, in small portions; several times a day. The problem here is to deal with over eating. If you have long intervals in your food intake, you may feel extremely hungry. This produces overeating. If you are going to over eat, you will gain lot of weight, which is too bad for the health of diabetes persons Thus diabetes nutrition tells to several times a day in small portions.
The next point is life style .Our modern life style produces lot of chemical imbalances in a person’s body chemistry. This is very bad for a diabetes patient. according to the diabetes nutrition science. If you do not exercise at all, your diabetes is going to worsen according the diabetes nutrition science. You have to take regular exercise and maintain accounting of calories that you have lost. The diabetes nutrition science tells us you can not add calories that you can not loose. The idea of exercise is not necessary gym type heavy body work outs. The diabetes nutrition science tells us that daily walking for half an hour is best exercise for you. You have to note down your daily physical activities and calorie loss associated with them. Make a grand total. Now based on this data, decide what total calories intake is allowed to you according to the diabetes nutrition science. Then plan your food intake, matching your daily calories in take.


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