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Airline ticket to china

Purchasing an airline ticket to China; here’s why it would be in your favor. The major cities in China range from Beijing to Zhuhai which is the famous garden type seashore city that is linked with Hong Kong waters. With over 60 major cities to choose from, let’s look a little closer at a few of the cities, starting at Beijing also known as Peking situated close to Tianjin on the coast of the Yellow sea. Expect to pay from 10.00 USD to 90.00 USD for hotel accommodation with over 162 places to choose from, from 5 star hotels to hostels. With Beijing being the capital of China it is a definite for all tourists and not to be missed are Forbidden square, the Behiai Park, the Temple of Heaven, the Convent of the Lamas and many more.

Hong Kong is described as “something special” and has developed the highest standards in the tourism industry, Hong Kong on its own should be your reason to get your airline ticket to China which is situated on the south coast of the South China sea which includes the islands of Hong Kong – off the mainland of China with almost seven million inhabitants. In Hong Kong you can expect to pay from 68.00USD to 310.00USD for accommodation. For a memorable experience the “Funicular” Peak Tram up the Victoria Peak would be recommended for a perfect view of the harbor and the islands of the city and also not to be missed is the Tai Tam Nature Park, Bowen Road and the Maclehose Trail. One of the most advanced oceanariums exist in Hong Kong – the Ocean Park with more than 300 various fish species.

The Zhuhai city with 1.8 million residents situated at the south of Guangdong province. The major tourists attractions is the Jintai Temple which is a famous religious site of Zhuhai, another “hot spot” is the Zhongshan Hot Springs which is close to Zhuhai which is among the Top 10 Scences in Zhongshan.

Canton, located in Southern China and has approximately 3 million inhabitants. In Canton you can expect to pay from 30.00USD to 60.00USD for two to five star accommodations. Twice annually Canton hosts the export trade fair which is visited by international businessman. The not to be missed spots in Canton is Liurong Si, Guangxiao si, the Monument to Sun Yat-Sen, Yuexiu Park and Bayun.

Buying an airline ticket to China will give you the benefit of visiting any one of these fine places.


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