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Adrenal cortef food allergies

There have been recent studies done with patients who have suffered from thyroid disorders. Thyroid disorders usually begin because the thyroid gland is producing too much or too little of the thyroid secretory hormone or TSH. It should be noted that many who have a thyroid hormone develop intolerance to certain foods, and there are individuals who can actually develop food allergies due to the disease. The study has shown that with certain properties, namely Adrenal Cortef that thyroid disorder suffers will become healthy again. In most cases the patient may need to stay on regulatory hormones during their life, and in some cases the administration of adrenal Cortef for a certain period of time will resolve all issues. Since the adrenal Cortef was seen to help thyroid patients the study began to look at anyone with a food allergy.

It was found that food allergies can be treated with adrenal Cortef to relieve some of the symptoms if not treat the problem completely. Basically the adrenal Cortef lends support to the bowels as well as helps the immune system deal with the antibodies found in the system of the sufferer. Food allergies are related to the immune system. Basically the immune system sees the antibodies from a food that you have eaten and decides to attack it. This attack will then cause a variety of symptoms depending on the severity of the case. Those who have a mild case may just see a few hives or a little swelling around the mouth and tongue for a few hours. Those with more severe cases can have breathing issues that lead to anaphylactic shock and the need for epinephrine and medical treatment. The idea behind the adrenal Cortef treatment is to offer the body the substance to block the immune system from fighting. In other words if the body is healthy and has a healthy amount of hormones the immune system is less likely to attack foods you were previously allergic to.

It should be noted that the study is still in the early stages. This means that there is no conclusive evidence as yet, and many doctors would consider treatment with adrenal Cortef to be a radical extreme. Therefore you may find that it is best to continue avoiding certain foods and sticking on a rotation diet if you have a severe case of food allergies. It is up to you to prevent and protect yourself.


February 25, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Food allergy

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