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Can adults develop food allergies

The questions can adults develop food allergies is very important. You will find that many individuals go through life without being tested for any food allergies, and they find as children they are relatively free of problems related to food, but then they are in a restaurant, with a sudden case of anaphylactic shock. The answer to the question can adults develop food allergies- is yes. Adults can develop food allergies as they age. While the scientists are still researching what causes allergies to begin with as well as why some adults can develop food allergies, there is no answer as yet.

Here is the thing about food allergies your immune system is going to attack the food you have eaten, giving rise to a reaction that you can see. In other words you will develop hives, stomach pain, diarrhea, or other allergic reactions to a food because your immune system feels compromised. As we age our bodies continually change. This means that we can become more sensitive to certain things. You may even find that as a child you had a mild reaction to the food, and as an adult this reaction becomes more defined. In other words as a child you may not have associated a minor stomach pain with the food as an allergy, but as an adult you can no longer ignore the issue. Again there is no clear reason why some adults can develop food allergies later in life, even when they didn’t have minor symptoms as children.

If you find that you have been having issues as an adult with certain foods it is best to seek medical care. You will find the doctor will give you a full physical and test you for other food allergies. This will help in the prevention as well as the care you will need. With food allergies the only real way to treat food allergies or to prevent them is to not eat the food that gives you the issues. This often means that there will be a change in diet for you. Certain foods will be removed from the menu and others can be added to help you get the proper nutrients you need. Since there is still an unclear reason for why adults can develop food allergies it is best that you seek medical attention. The food allergies can be related to a more important matter, such as diabetes or even thyroid issues.


February 21, 2008 - Posted by | Blogroll, Food allergy

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